Creativity Cooks

Collage ~ Cooking ~ Creativity … inspired by three generations of women


Creativity Cooks is a blog about my grandmother Alma, my mother Carole and myself and how these three generations of women found themselves cooking creatively and passing along their experiences. I was the recipient of those previous two generations of cooking. My grandmother, whom I shall call ‘Nana’ in the blogs, was a domestic goddess of the post WWII era. My mother, Carole, really didn’t like the chore of making regular meals but could make a mean cheesecake. By the time I was twenty, I wanted to open a restaurant so badly I thought I could taste it.

These blogs are the culmination of years in and out of the restaurant biz, cooking for our families and baking for our friends. I hope you enjoy my recitations as well as my recipes.


2 responses to “About

  1. Lucinda Bouruet says:

    Hi Donna, Well, well, well, your blog is great,great, great. And I am not saying this because I am your cousin, but because I am a decent judge of good writing. And this is good writing, with just enough relaxed humor to make it easy and fun to read. Now if I could just work up the energy to try the cold cucumber soup recipe. It would be perfect for the 100 degree weekend we are coming into. Keep up the blog, it’s terrific. Love you. Cindy

    • dKm Arts says:

      Hi Cindy, Thanks for your response, I really appreciate your comments, and not just because you are my cousin, but because I know how much you love reading and I respect your feedback. The cucumber soup is really easy and I think you would like it, especially when it’s hot and humid. Thanks for reading, love you too, Donna

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